Headphones and their role in fantastic sounding music

You've finally decided to invest in some good headphones, or maybe you're just wondering how to make sure your music sounds incredible. Whether you're an audiophile or new to the idea, this blog post should give you some insight into why your headphones matter when you&#

Frequency range


In general, the best way to tell if headphones are suitable for a certain genre of music is to look at their frequency response range. The best closed-back headphones with a wider frequency response range will have the ability to provide more accurate sound reproduction from low frequencies to higher frequencies. In other words, it won't be as flat or "boring". In fact, even most studio monitors are tuned this way, so they can reproduce almost anything without too much trouble. This means that bass-heavy tracks and genres like Rap/Hip-Hop, EDM and Dubstep will sound just as good on a pair of semi-pro studio monitors as they do on a pair of Beats headphones.


Dynamic range


I'd say a more "accurate" headphone will sound louder at the same volume setting than a less accurate pair. In other words, it's easier to get a more "impressive" sound when you have a pair of dynamic headphones over a pair of IEMs/headphones because they can be turned up loud enough to bring out dynamic range in quieter recordings that IEMs/headphones would struggle with. with.


Having headphones that can play the full dynamic range of a song without a problem means you'll get more out of your music. In general, I would argue that there is an inverse relationship between how accurate/dull a headphone sounds and its ability to bring dynamic elements to the fore when listening to different types of tracks.


Tool separation


Instrument separation is as important as frequency response range. You may have noticed that some songs sound incredible on some pairs of headphones and terrible on others, even though both pairs seem to have a similar, Free music download if not identical, frequency response range. This is largely due to differences in the tooling department.


Instrument Separation refers to how well each element is displayed in the song. Taking some problematic songs as examples, Benny Benassi - Satisfaction has a rather poor mastering, which results in all the instruments being crammed into one massive wall of sound during the rise and fall.




Soundstage refers to how well the virtual scene is layered when using headphones. Going back to our previous examples, Satisfaction has a very small soundstage where everything sounds like it's being played from the radio in front of you. Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites sound like a much more organic experience with a real sense of distance between the instruments. This is largely because the Satisfaction has very little stereo imaging to speak of, with no distinction between where each sound is coming from.